Employer branding

Highly skilled, reliable and valuable workers are hard to come by and it is crucial for staff retention to steadily build your employer brand. Employer branding helps attract new potential talent and enhances employee commitment and satisfaction, thereby contributing to the optimisation of HR processes and growth in a company’s brand value.

Employer branding refers to a long-term strategy that helps create the best possible corporate image through communicating the unique values of a company and considering employee well-being and feedback. 

Employer value proposition (EVP) includes all the qualities that may create a positive image of a company as an employer brand. Properly communicating these qualities promotes stronger commitment to the company among employees and may inspire potential candidates to join.

For employer branding to be successful, it is essential to tailor communication to potential target groups with differentiated messaging through different channels; however, the authenticity of the value proposition should never be compromised.

Over the years, our agency has worked with a wide range of clients both in Hungary and abroad to successfully build their employer brands, significantly reducing recruitment time and costs and cultivating an image of authenticity.