Integrated campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns are aimed at conveying a message through multiple channels and platforms at the same time. In order to maximise results, our agency offers custom, brand-tailored, cost-effective solutions in both B2B and B2C.

The communications has to be integrated by harmonising the tools with the content offered on media platforms, with its form adapted to each platform. Integrated marketing campaigns communicate the same message in a distinctive manner, in a form tailored a given media platform.

By using integrated campaigns, we can create a comprehensive brand experience to increase brand visibility, drive conversion and give the brand publicity that enhances its authenticity and results in increased sales.

Our 360-degree marketing solutions: strategy and concept formulation, campaign planning, creative planning, copywriting, graphic design, shooting commercials, social media management, influencer marketing, online development, print and other production, in-store and outdoor activities, events, viral marketing.