Strategic planning

The alpha and omega of successful campaigns is a properly positioned marketing strategy developed on the basis of well-defined insights and vision.

When we talk about marketing strategy, we mean a long-term plan containing marketing objectives defined by the company. This requires gaining the most comprehensive possible understanding of the relevant market, defining the target group, analysing the competition and outlining key strategic components.

In order for a marketing strategy to work well, it is essential to accurately map the market, i.e. conduct market research. There is a plethora of tools available to collect information, such as questionnaires, focus group interviews or competitor analysis.

When defining the target group, we use the objectives defined as a basis to decide who we want to reach and engage with. This is followed by the ‘how’: namely, the communication channels and tools are determined. These two steps need to be closely coordinated as there is no point in knowing who you want to communicate with, if you do not understand well where, when and how to reach them most effectively.

Be it the creative formulation of a brand message, developing a comprehensive brand strategy or preparing a communication platform for a campaign, our advertising agency can help clients with everything they need for a successful strategy.